Sincerely, His First Other Half

To the Man My DadDhie Prince Will Marry,

Congratulations, you have won the love of one of the most amazing human being that presently walks the Earth! I guess that means you are a pretty special guy. However, there are some things you should know about my DadDhie Prince before you promise to love him for the rest of his life.

He has been through more than his fair share of heartbreaks; he has been led on and used; and he has been lied to more times than it is possible to count. Despite those things, he had enough strength to continue looking for you and enough faith in fairy tales to believe that his happily-ever-after would one day come. Don't ever underestimate his ability to be your partner in life. He is there to support you just as you are there to support him. Should you ever decide that you are superior to him, he will be more than strong enough to show you just how wrong you are.

He has one of the largest, softest hearts of anyone I have ever met. He loves everyone he meets, and he will ignore any and all opinions that are presented to him on one of his new “friends.” When he ends up getting hurt by his new friend and figures out that he probably should have listened to everyone’s warnings, he will do the most frustrating thing: He will forgive them. His heart has a way of only seeing the best parts of people and pushing out all of the rest. He puts others before himself always and will do whatever he can to help someone in need. As his lifetime partner, it will be your job to make sure he is taken care of too.

He is a dreamer. He has dreams that are larger than life, and his eyes can see things that are too far away for anyone else’s to focus on. There have been times when he told me of his dreams, and I responded by telling him that those dreams were too large for him. Over time, though, I have had the distinct pleasure of being proven wrong. I have seen those dreams become his reality, and I know that in time you will too. So do not make the same mistake that I did. Believe in him, and push him towards those goals. Do not be one more person that he has to prove wrong, because he will.

He is my best friend and I love him. I know that it is not in the same way you love him, but my love is just as important. There will be things that he will go through that you will not be able to understand, and there will be times when he will choose to call me and not you. When those times come, do not be upset with him for choosing to come to me instead of you. It does not mean that he loves you any less; there are just some things only a best buddy can fix.

If you cannot love and cherish these parts of him, then you do not deserve his love. But if you see all of the wonderful things that I see in him and love him more because of those things, then he will love you more than you ever imagined was possible. He is a rare and beautiful person, and I am glad he has you in his life.


His First Other Half

Superhero (Just A Wishful Thinking)

     Here I go again; I have to save you from the world's cruel ways. How many times do I have to tell you that I can only pretend that I don't care when I know for certain that you are the only thing that matters to me? You know I can't let you down. I am always here. I have been by your side every now and then. And there is no way I'm going to leave you.

     I love watching you dream. I saw you last night while I was watching you sleep. Your dreams are bursting out from your head. And you smile. Suddenly I knew I was alive. And I'm going to live forever. Because seeing that little spark of hope in your face is all I ever needed. So please don't tell me you have to wake up, 'coz I don't want to know. I am not going! Not until the sun comes up. Your face: it's the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. You look like an angel asleep. How can people be so cruel to someone like you? But don't worry. Here in my arms, you are safe. You'll never cry again. I will never let them touch you. And tonight, I'm making myself a promise. I am going to be on your rescue no matter what the situation will be. These manicured fingers will hold you and will never let you fall. I will shelter you from harm in the shadow of my broken wings. Just keep believing even though the world will never ever understand why this union was built between us. Because your name is the only name I call at the edge of the cliff every time I feel like jumping. And all of a sudden, I want to live. I want to stay. Because I know you need me.

      Up, up and away I go. But do you realize that you are my superhero? Because there's nothing I can do without you. All these strength and super powers are because of you. And I want to stay with you forever. Even if the time comes that I can't fly anymore, my hand will always be wide open to catch you if you fall. I don't mind what people say. Sure they'll all laugh at us, but we'll just laugh along because we both know that none of them have felt this way. I will never mind because I love you and you are the only thing that matters to me. Someday we will be free. We can stand under the rain without a care. We will hold hands in front of the whole world. We can walk the streets with our heads above the mess all those people made because nothing can break us. Not even Kryptonite! Not a thing.

      The world will never stop from turning. And people will never change. But we can forget everything else as long as we are together. And someday, all the stars in the sky will be ours. We will make our own constellations and I won't argue how you want to put our stars altogether. We will dance 'til we get tired while Milky Way shines beneath our feet. We will watch all the planets collide but we will spare the green one because it is where we learned to love. It is where we became what we are. It is where you became my superhero.